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The e—p concept

Creating the perfume
of the future

Up to now the process of creating a perfume was
the lonely work of few talented specialists. What if
there was a way for people and audiences to participate
in the perfume process through their preferences,
likes, perceptions and dreams? e-p revolutionizes
the industry with a method that does exactly
that. Adds the “together” aspect to perfume creation.

How feelings
transmute to scents


The way you feel about the world gives us the tempo to produce our collections. Our products are evolving and moldable. The more you tell us about your preferences, the more relevant products we create. Our next perfume will have your distinctive mark.

You dive into a unique experience. You are living a memorable experience and at the same time we collect all the info that will help us create a personal aromatic profile for you.

The session experience

Imagine there is a perfume store where you can live an extraordinary
experience. A place where you can have a one-to-one session with
a perfume specialist and compose your personal aromatic profile.


Evolving perfumes

Our perfumes evolve according to your wishes, aspirations and memories. Through a special questionnaire you can choose scents according to your true aromatic self.

Experience Experience

10 aromatic series

Our continuous audience research led to the creation of 10 different aromatic series. Each is a distinct fragrance personality that reflects the emotional essence of a specific group. We have created our product series according to these perfume identities. With which one are you resonating with?

Creating the perfume
of the future
can also be sustainable and

We are constantly working on mobilizing positive change in the world. Our containers are made of sugar cane and are biobased and our packaging is 100% recyclable that can also be repurposed or reused in lots of inspiring ways.

Green packages Green packages